Project Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

Created by Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev

In 2083 Neo Hong Kong, a young woman named Mei Lin Mak is dragged into a maelstrom of supernatural horror. As she peers deeper into the century old mystery, Mei will be forced to question her perception of reality and her trust of her cybernetic eyes. Under the neon lights of a cyperpunk dystopia, the ruins of the 'Chong Sing Apartments' hides a bloody mystery illuminated by both the traditions of Chinese folklore and the innovations of the industrial future. If there is any hope of escaping this nightmare, Mei-Lin must explore this complex, piecing together the stories of 14 lost souls, and discover the truth of her own family curse.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping update and PSVITA EU/JP code news.
4 days ago – Wed, Jun 09, 2021 at 08:46:41 PM

Hello everyone! Just posting a quick update to let you all know that we are still waiting on our Nintendo  Switch copies to arrive from EAS. We know that people are recieving their EAS orders and didn't want anyone to be concerned or confused. EAS shipped them to us , but there appear to have been some delays in shipping.  As soon as we get them we will begin sending those out to backers! We are sorry for the slight delay there as shipping has continued to be a rough situation at all ends. We should be getting them in the next few weeks and will update everyone again once we know a little more. 

Beyond that, PS4 copies are still in production to our knowledge and we should have some good news about that soon. 

Those waiting on PSVITA digital codes for EU and JP regions, we unfortunately do not have any good news from Sony on that front yet, but are coming to a decision internally.  We are working on a plan for refunds, but due to us being far past the paypal and backerkit refund time limits we have to come up with a plan to do that effectively. We will also offer replacement PC/PS4/Switch codes to anyone who would rather have that than deal with refunds.   As soon as we come up with a plan and make sure we are doing it correctly we will put out a KS update explaining the process and send out emails to those backers directly. 

 To be very clear, If you got a PSVITA digital code for the EU and JP regions we will either refund or replace your code, we just need a little more time to figure out the process for that due to how long it's been since we charged you all. We really appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Last thing! IF you aren't already, make sure you are following our twitter @SUZAKU_games! We will have some exciting news regarding our next project just in time for E3!

Shipping Update!
about 1 month ago – Fri, May 14, 2021 at 04:34:28 PM

hello everybody! Just posting a quick update to let you all know that we've shipped out another 200 or so packages as of last night, keep an eye out for an email from easyship to see if yours has gone out yet and get your tracking number. There are only 100 orders remaining for PC and PSVITA backers, those should be ready to go out next week on either wednesday or friday depending on the USPS pickup.  The only thing we are waiting on at this point are Switch and PS4 physicals to finish production and arrive to us. Once we get those the remainder will be sent out asap. We expect Switch copies to arrive in a few weeks and PS4 to come in the next few months. 

Please make sure that your address has not and will not be changed since we locked addresses in February. If it will change before August please let me know right away so we can come up with a plan for your package to arrive safely. Mail forwarding is not reliable and some couriers do not accept forwarding addresses. 

Additionally, if you received your package and are missing something, please email us at with your order info and name/address so that I can prepare a new label and send your missing items out. I am doing my best to keep mistakes from happening but there are quite a few packages and labels to get through every day. I am doing my best but do make mistakes! 

Regarding PSVITA complimentary codes. We will be sending those out early next week just getting the codes all ready in our spreadsheet! 

Thank you all for your patience and support! 

PSVITA Digital codes and Shipping Updates!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 03:03:22 PM

Hello everyone! As everyone should be aware, we have begun to fulfill our physical backer rewards, but as several global issues have heavily effected both manufacturing and shipping we are sending things out as soon as we are able to do so. We have completed ALL PSVita only Europe North America and South America region orders. 

If you have not received an email from Easyship about your order mailing out, it is for one of the following reasons; 

  • - Your order contains some other physical item we have not received yet. These include Nintendo Switch copies, PS4 copies, PC copies, CE boxes, OSTs, standees, mousepads, and posters. We are unable to split orders and ship items seperately, so once we get all the things we need for your order  it will be shipped out quickly! We will go over what we are waiting for and when we expect it below. 

- PS4 physicals - in production currently, we expect these to arrive to us late spring/summer at the latest. 

- Switch physicals - in production, we had hoped they would be complete this month, but we may have been too hasty. Once we get an update from the manufacturer we'll let everyone know.

- PC copies - on the way! We should receive them by May 1.

- CE Boxes - they have safely arrived and are waiting to be packed!

- OSTs - Arrived today! 

- artbooks - arrived sunday! 

- Posters - delivery scheduled for tomorrow! 

- poster tubes (for protecting the posters) - have been shipped but appear to be stuck in California, we hope to have this sorted soon. 

- Standees - Arrived and waiting to be sent out!

- mousepads - arrived with the standees! 

  • IMPORTANT- If your order is from the ASIA or AUS shipping regions.

Due to the far higher than normal rates, and incredibly long courier times we are presently holding off on shipping these out until we find a reliable and speedy courier we can afford. The Suez Canal issue and pandemic related changes have made things very difficult to work out for us as first time shippers. We had originally intended on having these packages sent out from Hong Kong, but the costs, risks and delays associated with getting our products back to Hong Kong from the US proved to be too high on all fronts. We have found a solution though, and are planning on shipping these out ourselves from here in Texas as soon as we can. 

  • IMPORTANT-If your order had an error or was canceled for some reason 

To be clear, If you received an email from Easyship stating that your package label was created, that means we have prepared the box or envelope for a pickup by the USPS or DHL. I have a schedule set up for pickups on wednesday of each week that we have items to ship out. This gives me time to prepare for large groups of orders to go out together, and allows me to try to reschedule a delivery if the ever reliable and trustworthy US postal service decides to skip our scheduled pick up time. (DHL is amazing though) IF, and it is very likely, the USPS skips 3 days of scheduled pickups I will be taking the boxes to the post office on Saturday morning of that same week. So just keep checking your easyship tracking for that "package received by USPS/DHL/UPS" note!  

If you are unsure about your order status please feel free to DM me via the "message the creator" button here, or send an email to I will do my best to help you out as best I can. 

That brings me to the other news! Thanks to Top Hat Studios we've finally secured a release date for the digital version of Sense for PSVITA. On April 27th, Sense will be available for download from the PSN store (NA only at this time - from what we understand they are in contact with Sony regarding Vita; complications stemming from old, deprecated PEGI-related tools for Vita releases and them not being an EU company) on your PSVITA! That means that if you backed for a digital Vita copy, you will get it on or around April 27th in an email from Backerkit. If you don't receive that email by, say May 1, please send me a DM or email and I'll check on your order and manually send you your code. 

As we've discussed before, the Vita version does have flaws and is unfortunately not the best version of Sense, despite being playable beginning to end and including all the same content. The road for Vita development was hard, and it was accentuated by even more unfortunate unclear deadlines, shortened timelines, and increasingly deprecated backends and SDK tools. However, we're still broad to be shipping the game on Vita, even in light of all of the troubles it may have caused during development.

 With that said, we greatly encourage our Kickstarter/backerkit customers who got a PSVITA copy digitally or physically to fill out the survey here to get your complimentary PS4 or PC download code.

Once again, thank you all for your continued support and patience. We are so excited to be nearing the end of the project and getting you all the promised rewards! We are so grateful to have been given this opportunity and learned so much from the process.  As always, if you have any further concerns or questions we welcome them in both DM and in the comments below!

PSVITA Copies being shipped out Friday!
2 months ago – Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 01:05:44 AM

Hello everyone! we received our stickers yesterday afternoon and spent the evening testing out the label printer and packing a few orders to get things all figured out properly. We have scheduled our first mail pickup for friday and should have the majority of all PSVITA orders shipped out by then! Any orders that have additional items like the standees, mousepads, etc. will go out as soon as we have those other items in hand. CE boxes and artbooks are still in transit, and mousepads/standees should arrive pretty soon. 

As stated before Switch, PC, and PS4 copies will go out over the next few months when they arrive.  

You will get emails from easyship with tracking numbers(where available) when I prepare your package. Please keep a look out for those! 

Lastly, For international backers and customers, once again please keep in mind your duties/taxes/fees as we will not be able to cover those or any long-term storage fees. 

Thank you all for your patience, physicals are finally going out and I can't wait to see them on your shelves! 

PSVITA Copies Have Arrived and Survey Info for PSVITA backers!
3 months ago – Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 12:43:05 AM

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