Project Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

Created by Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev

In 2083 Neo Hong Kong, a young woman named Mei Lin Mak is dragged into a maelstrom of supernatural horror. As she peers deeper into the century old mystery, Mei will be forced to question her perception of reality and her trust of her cybernetic eyes. Under the neon lights of a cyperpunk dystopia, the ruins of the 'Chong Sing Apartments' hides a bloody mystery illuminated by both the traditions of Chinese folklore and the innovations of the industrial future. If there is any hope of escaping this nightmare, Mei-Lin must explore this complex, piecing together the stories of 14 lost souls, and discover the truth of her own family curse.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shout Out - Samurai of Oz 2!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 05:20:10 PM

Hey Everyone! We wanted to drop in a quick update to shout out our friends over at Mount Olympus Comics on their new kickstarter for Samurai of Oz 2

Ron Z got in touch with me a while back to do a cover for the new issue, which he'll reveal on his page. We decided to pay homage to Ron for his early support of Sense by having a few Mount Olympus easter eggs in-game. Check out this one in a sneak peak for another location in Sense (which also serves as a sneak-peek eyeful of a new location coming to the game)! 

I have personally backed Ron's projects in the past and can vouch for the quality(and sexiness) of his stories. Patriotika is great superhero fun, and Samurai of Oz is a pretty great chanbara story. I also  backed  Samurai of Oz #2 already, and there's still 7 days left for you to hop in as well. Check it out through this link

#37 - Sneak Peaks, Physical Info, Standee Previews
about 2 months ago – Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 01:39:29 AM

Good afternoon everyone!

I apologize for the long delay between updates - it might seem a bit slow because of that, but I promise it was for good reason. Now that the Steam page is launched and the public demo is available I have hit the ground running with building out the rest of the game. The demo has been pretty successful for us and I feel like the gameplay and content is in a sweetspot for previewing it as a representative of what to expect from the final game. It'll need some polish and TLC over the next few months, but I can finally get back to focusing on all the art and writing that needs to be done instead of specifically polishing the small portion of the game available in the demo. That said, I am still greatly appreciative for feedback of all kinds, so if you have not played it yet go check out the demo and give us your thoughts! You can check it out here:

Next up, I want to show off our finalized Acrylic standee art and let you all know that we will be stopping (semi-temporarily) the orders of those soon, as we only have about 30 left to sell! We have received our order for 350 of the standees and will be packaging them, so you should be receiving them in a few weeks. They will be going out to your homes soon along with other physical items! We're currently in the process of producing the posters and mouse-pads which will go out at the same time.

Here is the finalized art for the standee - 

A quick note regarding the sizes; they are actually 5.9 inches/150mm, which was the largest size we could get from a reliable manufacturer. We have adjusted the size within Backerkit's listing to reflect this and be more accurate - apologies for the previous inconsistency. Still though, we think they look amazing! Check them out below - 

Next up I wanted to give you all some sneak peaks at what I've been working on! I don't want to spoil anything, because I view EVERY SINGLE ROOM in the game as equally important both artistically and gameplay-wise; there will be no useless or visually repetitive rooms in the Chong Sing Apartments. That said, I hope a few very small snippets are enough to get your hearts racing! It can be hard to choose sneak peaks without spoiling anything.

Updates may be sparse or short going forward, as we do not want to spoil the game's actual content, but I promise show off some previews or snippets when possible - it's just hard to find things we can actually show off without ruining any part of the game! We do have some big news to share in the near future as well though, so stay tuned for that! We may have some previews for some certain consoles very soon...

3 months ago – Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 07:22:58 PM

Good morning, and happy monday to everyone! 

Today's update is direct and to the point; our Steam page is officially launched! Check it out here, and remember to wishlist/follow it (especially if you haven't backed or pre-ordered through backerkit). 

Check it out here -

If you don't mind, we'd like to please ask to make sure to share that link for all your friends and followers; the more people plugged into Sense, the bigger a splash we can make when it releases! We'll be slowly updating the Sense steam page over time, with new screenshots, and maybe even a new trailer!

With the steam page now up, the new demo will be up as soon as Valve approves it, which we anticipate to be around the end of this week. We'll keep everyone updated on it!

Also, another friendly reminder that our merchandise shop is online with a several t-shirt designs, stickers, and more!

And finally, even though we mentioned it before, we wanted to do a more formal shout out to our friends over at Radi Art for their ongoing kickstarter "Synergia". A yuri cyberpunk visual novel seems to fit right in with our fanbase, and we highly recommend checking it out! Mei will even cameo briefly in their game while Cila will appear in Sense. 

They look great, right?

Check it out here -

Vita Clarification
3 months ago – Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 08:25:04 PM

Hello everyone,

This is the publisher for Sense, Top Hat Studios, wanting to drop in to clarify a few issues that recently came about regarding the wording in the last post, which referenced a "cut-off", as well as a statement on twitter saying the game may be "among the last on Vita". This seems to have caused a significant amount of confusion, and while SenseDev has already made a statement on twitter, we thought it'd be best to drop in and clear things up as well.

We were recently talking to the developer prior to the last update, and we were discussing the vita port, to which we wanted to just make sure everything would be alright, since understandably a large part of the game's fanbase and success is thanks to the awesome Vita and collector community. While there is not technically a "cut-off" (explicitly) from Sony which we were told or anything, we told the Sense team to be careful about postponing their development too far back into 2020 (although as stated prior, the game should be ready in early 2020, but just in case from a discussion point of view), because given the SIE CEO's past comments on Vita (which referenced a 2020 cut-off date), combined with the fact that Vita system production is over and general support is decreasing now (the transition out of system's lifespan by Sony has been more than apparent), such might lead to possible hazards or roadblocks. We know there is no explicit cut-off date at the moment (and things are still fine in Asian regions as well, to our understanding from what we've received off our production partners who will be printing our physicals in that region), but we wanted to be sure that there would not be any possible issues with development that could prevent us from fulfilling promises to our fans. 

We try to think ahead with these things, and want to be ahead of the curve so while there isn't an explicit, officially sanctioned "cut-off" point yet, the totality of the situation - with Sony discontinuing console production, winding down cart production and SIE's CEO stating support will not be beyond 2020 - essentially indicates that for all intents and purposes, there will be a limit and deadline of sorts for the Vita's lifecycle as a whole in 2020. This is what our statement of a "cut-off" referred to, and believed it would be inferred easily from others who closely follow the Vita as a whole.

We apologise for the confusion that's ensued due to the misunderstandings and misinterpretation of our above terminology. However, we promise everything is going well with development, and just wanted fans to know that the port and vita development was all going as intended, and that there wouldn't be any reason to worry about its trajectory, given that we've received questions on this in the past. 

#35 - STEAMy summer, demo, and other updates!
3 months ago – Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 01:46:23 AM

Hello everyone! 

First of all and most importantly, sorry for the long gap between updates! We wanted to make sure we had something worthwhile to talk about, and since the last update was regarding our backer only build we had plenty of feedback to go through, consider, and implement. The last 3 months have been a long period of very carefully re-working the engine, bug fixing, and polishing the core game as much as we possibly can. We wanted to get a vertical slice of what to expect from here on out. That leads us to our next point...

Our Steam page launch! 

As soon as Valve/Steam approve the page it will be live, we'll make another update (as well as blast our social media pages) with the link. There you will be able to download the new demo (which will be up on other sites the same day, such as itch), join the steam community, and wishlist the final game (for those of you who were unable to back the game - or just want to be notified by another place).

We are extremely excited to make this leap forward, and view it as a gigantic milestone in our development journey so far. From this point forward the rest of the development cycle will be focused on art assets, direct implementation, and the more "busywork" end of things. 


The new demo has many awesome features and additions that were not included in the previous backer build, and is nearly an entirely different game than the original demo from a year ago. While the locations haven't changed, we feel like the atmosphere, presentation, and gameplay has been brought up to a (nearly) finalized quality. Take a look below!

    We have added  a lot of new art assets, and polished old ones, INCLUDING all of our cutscenes!

       The hiding spot mechanic is now an interactive mini game to add even more stress to those already tense moments - it is a horror game after all!

       Our inventory system has been re-hauled, retooled, and polished! 

    We've also added in the journal menu, so that you can re-check key narrative details, notes, and lore items you have found in your playthrough. Keep an eye out for other secrets that may be waiting to be seen in this function.

      A new location has been added to the demo in order to expand the amount of interactions and add more content to each quest chain. I definitely don't want to spoil it for you yet. But how about a preview of a later game location instead? 

       Finally, and this isn't visual, so we don't have a screenshot for it, but we highly recommend playing with headphones on this time. Some awesome new music from Andi has been added, as well as improved sound mixes and sound effects/ambiences.

      Now, onto some other points;

Okay, so how about the release date?
      While we don't have an exact date still, we have opted to push the release back to early 2020 in order to make sure that;

      A. The game is the most polished and ready for market that we can possibly get it. a few more months allows for more testing and fixing so that the final release is indeed, final. 

      B. With (A.) in mind, we want to make sure that the game is 100% complete all at once, to avoid needing to release the additional chapters separately and the physical copies at a far later date than the digital. We want everyone to be able to play ENTIRE the game the SAME day. 

      That said, don't fret, development is going very well, we just want to deliver the best game we can in the best way possible. A few extra months assures that.For those wondering about the vita release, as far as we are aware, everything is still good and set in stone for the release; we may be cutting it close, but we still - according to what we have access to on our dev/publisher dashboard with Sony - are going to make the cut-off. We might be the last game ever released on Vita

MERCH! (and beginning to fulfill physicals)

    Don't worry about those extra few months requiring additional funding or anything. All necessary funds for development have either been used for their intended purposes or are sitting safely in the bank. However, in order for Benjamin/SUZAKU to pay bills more efficiently along the way, we are opening a Merchandise store that will sell t-shirts, prints/posters, pins, and more to help keep things going smoothly. 

We have several awesome designs we are excited to show you soon. You can check all of that out HERE

Similarly, as we launch the store, we're getting ready to start fulfilling some of the physicals from the kickstarter. Within the next one to one and a half month(s), we're going to have a google survey sent out for some of the non-game related physical rewards - this includes; 

  • Posters - all versions will be available for selection
  • Acrylic Standee

We will then be fulfilling the following during early fall (so around September);

  • Mei Mousepad
  • Bonus Art Goodies

The physical games, CDs, collector's editions, and artbooks will have to wait until the game is done (or at least nearing completion), but we wanted to show everyone that we have been working everything out for the above, so no worries there! We want to get the goods in the hands of all of our backers as fast as we can.

And lastly...


After Microsoft's fantastic showing at E3 this year, and with another key console manufacturer's, err, recent shift in policy we began to talk seriously behind the scenes about an Xbox One (and maybe upcoming Xbox console? Depending on their third party process) release. While we aren't too sure about physicals for the platform, we wanted to announce that we are now officially working towards an Xbox One digital release! While we don't want to promise anything egregious yet, if we get the approval from Microsoft (which we're in the midst of), we'll happily be bringing Sense to the platform! 

Consider this a confirmation that we are investigating development stuff now and planning to make it happen, hopefully we have some good news on that front soon!

and actually lastly...

Switch Updates

For those wondering about Switch, we are happy to say we FINALLY have an update on that front. We cannot say much at the moment but we can say that we will have more than likely good news very soon on the topic!

    Again, thank you all for sticking with us through the past few quiet months. We hope that today's post has had some really exciting news for you all! We are working hard on the next steps and hopefully will have even more awesome stuff to share with you in a month's time.

P.S. Our publisher, Top Hat Studios, is running a kickstarter for another awesome looking cyberpunk game on their account. The game's looking to be ported to PS4 & Switch too! You can check it out here.